“The events we have done with John have been very successful. He is very personable and connects well with young people.” – Joanna De Guia, Victoria Park Books.
I am available for talks and workshops. I really enjoy connecting with readers (and non-readers alike!) and trying to inspire a love of reading and storytelling.
Stories are everywhere. Our lives are made up of stories. And for me books are stories in their most engaging, immersive and purest form. I firmly believe that anyone who says they don’t like reading just isn’t thinking about it in the right way. And that’s something I really try to get across when I meet school pupils (in as entertaining and inspiring way as possible, of course!).
Turf connects really well with teenagers. I usually focus on the themes of the book and the book’s structure and use them to show how to create engaging characters and a compelling narrative, using examples ranging from superheroes to Shakespeare.
I really enjoy the nuts and bolts of story-writing and it’s something I get enthusiastic about and find very fulfilling to share.
“John spent World Book Day 2013 at this school running a series of Writing Workshops at all key stages. His workshops were engaging and thought-provoking and he had clearly spent time in preparing sessions that would enthuse and motivate his students. He answered students’ questions thoughtfully and set interesting tasks.  Many commented on how much they enjoyed the workshops he set up. John established positive relationships with adults and children alike. He was friendly, pleasant and a pleasure to work with.” – Anne Gallagher, Head of English, Cardinal Pole School, Hackney.

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