About Me

My name is John and I’m a writer. My first book TURF came out in 2012. The Financial Times called it ‘An exhilarating tragic tale and a terrific debut.’ The Observer said it was: ‘powerful and unsettling.’ It was also in the Telegraph’s and Independent’s top ten teen/YA books for that year.

My second book FIRE AND SKY was due to be published in 2014 but was beset by problems. I went through four different editors for different reasons, I was never quite satisfied with the book, and when Random House merged with Penguin that year, they decided to rejig their list and FIRE AND SKY was given the chop. I still think there’s a potentially great novel in there and I want to revisit it one day, but after working on it for over two years I decided to move on to other projects.

Recently I’ve been working on a transatlantic thriller for adults, set between London and Los Angeles, and a children’s detective series about a precocious ten year old who solves mysteries in her school. I have high hopes for both!

I am available for all kinds of freelance writing. I have strong, creative written language skills, a highly professional mindset, with extremely high standards and an eye for detail. I’m personable, imaginative, and an excellent communicator and collaborator.

If you’d like to get in touch you can email me at: john@wordoflucas.co.uk.