John Lucas

“To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist.” – Robert Schumann



I’m a writer. I was born and brought up in east London. My first book TURF came out in 2012. Since then I’ve worked on three novels, the latest of which is a trnasatlantic thriller set between London and Los Angeles

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My first book TURF was published by Penguin Random House in 2012. It was described by The Financial Times as ‘an exhilarating tragic tale and a terrific debut’ and by The Observer as ‘pwerful and unsettling.’

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I am available for talks and workshops. I really enjoy connecting with readers (and non-readers alike!) and trying to inspire a love of reading and storytelling.
Stories are everywhere. Our lives are made up of stories. And for me books are stories in their most engaging, immersive and purest form. I firmly believe that anyone who says they don’t like reading just isn’t thinking about it in the right way. And that’s something I really try to get across when I meet school pupils (in as entertaining and inspiring way as possible, of course!).
Turf connects really well with teenagers. I usually focus on the themes of the book and the book’s structure and use them to show how to create engaging characters and a compelling narrative, using examples ranging from superheroes to Shakespeare.


Fire and Sky

“You know when you look at someone for the first time and a missing piece just clicks into place? When something chimes, a bell rings, it feels like the constellations are in some awesome and magical pattern for the first and only time, and all of history – the big bang, the formation of the galaxies, the stars, the planets, the first gloops of life in the primordial soup, the fish, the plants, the animals, humanity, the myths and legends, the whole cosmic thrill ride, the big-dipping, cheek-squeezing, light speed inter-galactic rollercoaster, the never-ending explosion of time, space, matter and energy – was set in motion just to get you to this point, and you realise, as incredible as it all was, what went before was only a prelude, a preamble, a trailer, an introduction to the real story, the story that begins right there with the meeting of your eyes?”


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